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Fri, 27 Jan 2023

    Added keyboard shortcuts for running deeplink (⌘R) and adding a new deeplink (⌘N).

    Added a share button to share the deep link.

    Fixed an issue where the app crashed when entering an invalid scheme.

    Fixed an issue where the deep link ran on Mac even when the selected device was a simulator.


    Move My Mac in the device target to the bottom of the list.

    Add the ability to disable each parameter of a deep link temporarily.

    Add a button to quickly disable/enable all parameters of a deeplink.

    Add a button to quickly remove all parameters from a deeplink.

    Console logs now show the running deeplink.

    Add an About section in the Preferences panel.

    Fix an issue where the app crashes if a parameter is removed while it is focused.


    Make the QR code image size fixed.


    You can generate a QR code from the deeplink directly from the app.

    All simulators are now shown without nested inside the Simulator menu item.


    Added a workaround for the issue where the app cannot detect simulators. You can now select the booted simulator as default when no simulators are found.


    Fix an issue where the app hangs on launch

    Fix an issue where deeplink text editor doesn’t receive touch event


(Official Release)

    Added buttons to add or delete a param from a deeplink

    Add feedback form in the preferences panel so you can submit feedback directly

    The log console is moved to the bottom with an updated UI

    Add support for macOS 11 (previously only support macOS 12 and above)

    Updated app icon and a few small UI improvements

1.0 (build 5)


    New options are added to the menu bar: Reopen main window, Preferences and Quit

    Added a button to Relaunch the app when iCloud sync setting is changed

    Fix an issue where the app fails to sync with iCloud when the setting is re-enabled

    Added missing log when the deeplink fails to run

    Slighly improved app icon

1.0 (build 4)


    You can now select a specific simulator to run the deeplink

    You can now run the deeplink from the menu bar

    New app icon

1.0 (build 3)


    You can now right click on the deeplink and duplicate or delete it

    You can now select which target device to run the deeplink

    Added preferences panel

    iCloud sync can be disabled now in the preferences panel

    You can opt in for auto update from the preferences panel

1.0 (build 2)


    The very first version